Reporting in Austria is almost always in the form of short notes about incidents at the demos. Here are some excerpts from articles which are more general in coverage or show how statements by the participants are instrumentalised:

„Rioters march every Thursday in Vienna: Demos are already costing us 82 million.“
Headline of the Kronenzeitung, 14.07.2000 (most popular daily newspaper in Austria)

„Today on Thursday evening there will, in all probability, be another of those demonstrations which count among the most superfluous things which the political scene has had to offer in the last years. Firstly, because they’ve become boring, terribly boring. Secondly, because they are counter-productive. Anyone who has looked at how the opinions of the voters with regard to these manifestations have been and are articulated, ask themselves what the organisers of such mini-mobilisations are actually aiming to achieve - other than to offer holiday fun for people who have nothing better to do. Wouldn’t it be better to read a book? (...)
 The Thursday demonstrators obviously wish to maintain that they alone are the true patriots, because they counter the patriotism shit with resistance...“
THOMAS CHORHERR, Die Presse, 27.07.2000

„The Thursday Demo: Government opponents are still not tired of celebrating their unease week in week out. Holl: It’s not a political protest
Yes, media interest has long since wained and with it also the number of participants. Yet the hard core of government opponents is not much concerned about that. It’s almost become a ritual coming here every Thursday, said one thirty-year-old demonstrator who has been marching from the very start. But there is very little left of the original fighting spirit, she admits. (...)
 For the religious scientist Adolf Holl the Thursday marching is only a protest concerning political power on the surface.
 In the event’s regularity and reliability he sees far more a playful ritual of transition: Like the transition from childhood into adulthood. In this case it’s about the search of a fringe group for a new role in a changed society. ...“
Salzburger Nachrichten, 2000-08-00

„The Austria Bashers (Critics) traditionally find big words for themselves and few words about their own sins against democracy. They keep quiet about the terror attacks of the Thursday Demos...".
Kronenzeitung, 2000-07-01

„Just how peaceful and harmless the demos since the formation of the government really are, is shown by the figures from the Ministry of the Interior and the Vienna Police Headquarters: The additional over-time for the police, who have had to keep the militant left-wing riotors under control for more half a year now, swallowed more than 45 million. ...
... Again this Thursday 1000 government opponents - among them numerous professional demonstrators known to the police - marched from the Ballhausplatz to the Währingerstrasse on to the Press Building in Döbling and then back into the city centre again.“
GERHARD WALTER, Kronenzeitung, 2000-07-14 – text from the on-line archive of the Kronenzeitung

In the evening edition, however, the last sentence of the same article read differently:

„... again this Thursday 1800 government opponents were marching - among them at least 800 professional demonstrators known to the police...“
GERHARD WALTER, Kronenzeitung, 2000-07-14

Excerpts from the press reports about the Thursday demonstration on Feb. 22, 2001:

„That the night ended with various seriously injured people also hurt the peaceful demonstrators.“
Klaus Stöger, Die Presse, 2001-02-24

„Opera ball demonstration turned into an orgy of violence!
Everything started off peacefully – but finally turned into an orgy of violence. Hundreds of demonstrators entered a relentless street fight with the police in the night of the Viennese opera ball.“
Kronenzeitung, 2001-02-23

„Police stormed the center of chaos
After the opera ball demonstration, the violent core’s “garage of arms“ was cleared out!“
Kronenzeitung, 2001-02-24

„After the end of the opera ball demonstration, the police stormed the center of chaos in Vienna-Favoriten. There, the violent core of 100 disguised people retreated to celebrate their victory. Upon searching the house, the arms garage of the professional demonstrators was found. [...] Vienna’s president of the police forces, Dr. Marek: “100 of the approximately 800 demonstrators formed the hard core. This group had been ready for violence from the beginning. There were 42 arrests. 21 policemen and four demonstrators were injured.“
Kronenzeitung, 2001-02-24