Bus Stop Stutthof, 2007 (C-Print 80 x 100)

Approximately 35 kilometres east of Gdansk lies the Stutthof state museum, the memorial site for the Stutthof concentration camp. Between 1939 and 1945 around 110,000 people were imprisoned in this concentration camp; more than 65,000 were murdered or died as a result of abysmal hygiene, insufficient nutrition and the consequences of maltreatment and forced labour. In spring 1944 a gas chamber was built; it was initially intended for the delousing of clothing but from the summer it was used for the mass extermination of people. Stutthof’s early construction makes it the first concentration camp outside Germany’s borders. It was the last camp to be liberated by the Allies. (*)
Buses are the only means of public transport with which the Stutthof Museum can be reached today. The bus stop is located one kilometre away from the concentration camp’s memorial site. From the bus stop a path leads to the village of Sztutowo. Getting to the memorial site involves a rather long walk along the busy trunk road. The bus stops only on request. Information on the bus departure times (buses leave at intervals of up to two hours) are not to be found at the bus stops but can be acquired on request at the museum.

(*)Vgl.: KZ Stutthof (Stutthof Concentration Camp) by Brigitte Jäger-Dabek http://www.shoa.de/content/view/212/231