One village from Austria (2011 – 2012)

Video, 33 min, Austria, color, 2011, HDV
Speaker: Søren Grammel
Director, Editing, Camera, Music: Martin Krenn


All visuals in the film „One village from Austria“ are scans of analogue photographs. About one half of them are images by Austrian amateur photographers provided by „Orthochrome – archive of analogue every day photography“ and the other half are photos by Martin Krenn, which he shot in the „Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing“ in July 2011.

The spoken text is based on excerpts of the novel „Die Wolfshaut“ by the Austrian writer Hans Lebert, which was first published in Hamburg in 1960. Additionally the Off-Voice cites parts of interviews conducted by Krenn with Roland Rust (Orthochrome) and the director of the Austrian Open Air Museum Mag. Egbert Pöttler.

The first time presented at

Public Folklore (co-production steirischer herbst 2011)
Grazer Kunstverein
September 25 until December 7, 2011

One village from Austria (Trailer 5:04′)