Travel Scans (2007)

17.16“ DV 2007

A Film by Martin Krenn

Based on researchtalks with Maria Mckinney, Stanislaw Dopierala, Seamus Harrahan, Mike Hogg, Stanislaw Dopierala, Philip Napier, Reiu Tüür

Off Voice: Marta Malina Moraczewska

With the support of Aisling O‘ Beirn, Heidemarie Glantschnig, Marta Malina Moraczewska, Reiu Tüür

Transcription (Belfast) Allan Hughes

Edited with Roland Rust

TRAVEL SCANS is a film portrait of three cities: Belfast, Tallinn and Gdansk. A travel documentary questioning its own image and text production. Commentary on the pictures must by no means correspond to the screened footage, the validity of the statements and images should be scrutinized constantly. A film about a personal journey, concluding with a visit to the concentration camp Stutthof, near Gdansk.

Presented at Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, Graz 2007, Ojo Atómico – Antimuseo de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid 2007, Austrian Film Museum, Vienna 2011

Travel Scans [PART 1 of 2]

Travel Scans [PART 2 of 2]