Monument for a Just City (2008)

Zagreb, 2008

Martin Krenn in cooperation with:
Sonja Lebos, Marija Lopac, Dina Roncevic, Sonja Soldo, Vesna Vukovic

Invitation Card

a social sculpture in the frame of the UrbanFestival *Zagreb* „How we regret…

During his research residence in Zagreb Martin Krenn held a three-day workshop to collectively come upon a reply to the theme of this year’s festival in conversations about the social situation. The result was a performative event: the erection of a monument demanding a just city.

The public was invited to participate in building a monument from beverage industry waste – used plastic bottles. In developed countries, the beverage industry usually bears the expense of managing packaging waste while in Croatia the introduction of the Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste has simply resulted in a jump in the prices of these products. Following the introduction of the deposit system in 2006 according to this regulation, dumpstering the waste provides the income of the increasing number of inhabitants of the city living in poverty. The deposit system has made the ever deepening social division visible, a division that defines the movement of particular citizens and the general choreography of their everyday life.

The monument was raised as a gesture of critique towards the governing politics that ignore this situation.