Feld-Herren Revisited (2014)

Feld-Herren revisited

Feld-Herren Revisited: https://vimeo.com/105540446

Co-produced by radicate.eu; the non-profit Cultural Association for the Research on Contemporary Art and Culture
Conversation with the curator Nora Sternfeld about the film: http://www.radicate.eu/nora

The film Feld-Herren Revisited (2014, Austria, 32 min) discusses the historical roots of participatory and propagandist art. The video exposes the connections between artistic research and political engagement and of the related aesthetics.
Feld-Herren Revisited is a slide show montage that consists exclusively of film stills from Sergei Eisenstein’s The General Line and text quotations from Sergei Tretyakov’s novel Feld-Herren as well as Walter Benjamin’s essay The author as a producer.
Although originally without context, the iconic movie images of the rural areas of the USSR convincingly integrate themselves in the text extracts of Tretyakov’s novel and Benjamin’s essay. The Video gradually decodes the relations between the sources used and which possibilities, but also dangers are inherent in them.