Point of Leisure (2017)

A project by Martin Krenn for „We are the Market!“, Onomatopee Eindhoven, 2017

The project „Point of Leisure“ is an installation in public space. It is a temporary social sculpture in the pedestrian area in the City of Eindhoven. The project addresses the question of a new definition of work and leisure in the 21st century.
A tent in public space mark an area with a comfortable couch, a sofa, a small coffee table. The tent symbolises protest on the street, whereas the couch and coffee table (with literature about unconditional basic income) stand for relaxation, thinking and reading.

Point of Leisure

On the tent is written:

Slow down?
Wait a second?
Leisure as work?

On the couch table stand miniature flags, on them is written:

What about an unconditional basic income?
During three days (26th to 28th September) the artist Martin Krenn is at the site, sitting on the sofa, reading books and talking with passers-by as well as with guests/experts who are invited to have a seat and drink coffee and tea with him.