Welcome To The Club, House of Austrian History (2019)

The dialogical art installation “Welcome to the Club” opened in the House of Austrian History on 6 June 2019. It is the follow-up project to “Club 2”, which was developed in the Schallaburg in the frame of the exhibition “The 70s – Then was Future” (2016).

The project in the foyer of the museum invites the visitors to sit down in a discussion studio and get into a conversation with each other. The participants draw a moderation card and discuss historic as well as current questions on democracy, politics, media, and culture.

“Welcome to the Club” is a project by Martin Krenn in cooperation with Büro trafo.K (Office for Art Education and Critical Knowledge Production) and Louise Beckershaus, Markus Fösl, Sarah von Holt, Dominik Ivancic, Anna Jungmayr, Nikolaus Kowarz, Katharina Kraus, Eva Meran, Antonia Plessing (mediation team hdgö).

Permanent Installation “Welcome to the Club” in the museum „House of Austrian History“
Martin Krenn, trafo.k., Exhibition view „Club 2“, Schallaburg, „The 70s – Back then was the future“ (2016)