Dialogical Seminars (2017)

„Dialogical Seminars“ in the Kunsthalle Wien, was an art mediation project by students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department KKP, realized in the context of the seminar „Dialogical Interventions“ by Martin Krenn in collaboration with Andrea Hubin, 2017. Right picture: „Learning by Heart“ by Nina Kogler, part of „Future undone“, ecm – educating / curating / managing, Hauptbücherei WIen 2017

The works developed by the students included performances, such as „Learning by heart“ by Nina Kogler, which asked the participants to memorize short excerpts of poems and then recite them freely in front of Odenbach’s works, which led to fascinating group-dynamic processes and enabled the participants to find new perspectives on art reception.

With: Ariana Joya McManus, Cornelia Kolmann, Shoba Untersteiner, Gregor Glavanovitz, JohannaFolkmann, Lea Jank, Nina Kogler, Liliane-Sarah Kölbl, Marius Fischer,Nora Lička, Rosie Benn, Simona Bergmann, Sophia Schenk-Mair, Andrea Hubin,Martin Krenn