Choi Yuen Village (2009)

Photoseries with the support of the Choi Yuen Villagers, Hong Kong, September 2009

Realized in the frame of „Cities of desire – alternative strategies of place-making“, curated by Hilary Tsui & Community Museum Project, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK.
Support: Nicholas Chan (Translation), Pak-Chai Tse (Organisation), bm:ukk (Travel Costs). Many Thanks to Tim Sharp, Ms Ko Jun ho, Chu hoi dick, Benny Chan

Website of the project

Choi Yuen Village is one of the many agricultural villages established in the New Territories of Hong Kong by mainland immigrants in the 1950s and 60s.

It is scheduled for demolition in 2010 to make way for a new rail line from Guangzhou to HK. Over 500 villagers, with support from several HK students and activists, have been petitioning (14,000 signatures) the government to change the course of the rail line to run through any of three uninhabited neighboring areas. Every week the pressure group organizes a guided tour through the village.