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   // The Restitution Point in the Galery 5020. at Salzburg_
Documents (Selection/german)
(Most of the documents were made public the first time)

Letter of application from Salzburg Arisierer

Letter of recommendation for an Arisierer to take over a Jewish store

Declaration of unconcern that the Jewish cemetery in Salzburg may be violated (central office for the protection of historic monuments)

Purchase of the department store, Schwarz by the Salzburger Sparkasse , who still owns the building
The Gauwirtschaftsberatung Salzburg forces Anna Pollak to sell her business for a ridiculous amount
Extract from the financial declaration of Julius Klüger, used for an auction
Confiscation order for the whole property of Josef Schönhorn who had lived in the Faberstrasse 11
"Settlement" of April 27 1949, 4,500 dollars for robbed property. The estimated value in 1938 was 280,000 ATS
The restitution commission rejects Gisela Pirak's application for restitution (Linzergasse 53)
Josef Sagel describes the Arisierung of his business to the so-called "Salzburg property management office". He is rejected.
Josef Sagel's complaint about the decision of the restitution commission
The highest restitution commission: Josef Sagel receives no response to his complaint. He must cover the costs of his complaint himself


* Arisierer - Aryan recipients of Jewish property, stolen or purchased for very little money

* Salzburger Sparkasse - Bank of Salzburg

* Gauwirtschaftsberatung Salzburg - district economic advisory board Salzburg

* Arisierung - Policy of expropriation; Jewish property was legitimately given to Aryan citizens or sold for extremely low prices