Symposium ART AND PUBLIC SPACE, Hong Kong

M6094, Future Cinema Studio
L6, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong

But is it political? Art as Activism in the Public Sphere
Martin Krenn

Being a researcher and artist I am especially interested in art practices which draw approaches and methods from political and social activity.
Back in 1994 the title of the influential anthology of political and activist art by Nina Felshin asked “But is it art?” Presently the question could be shifted to another level: “Yes, such practices are labeled with terms such as Activist Art, Interventionist Art or Artivism and are widely considered being art, but are they political?” In this respect my talk will discuss the meaning/relevance of key terms such as political art as well as social and participatory art. I will present several art works/projects and focus on the following questions: When does art become political? How can the artistic autonomy be maintained? How do these art practices impact on society and what is their aesthetic quality as works of art?

Date :
2015.03.12 (Thu)
Location :
M6094, Future Cinema Studio
L6, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
Time :
10:00am – 5:30pm
Free Admission