Notes on Resistance (2006)

Notes on Resistance
Documentary l Austria 2006 l 65 min l Digital


Production: Martin Krenn in cooperation with AMOUR FOU Filmproduktion/Kranzelbinder Film
Distribution: poool Filmverleih, Autlook Film
Theatricalrelease in Austria: Nov. 24th, 2006

Notes on Resistanceinvestigates forms of resistance against fascism during the 1930’s and 1940’s in Austria, Spain and France. The main protagonist is Harry Spiegel, who died shortly before shooting of the film began. Spiegel tells parts of his life via audio tapes illustrated with drawn sketches and animations. Additionally the film consists of filmed interviews that were carried out with resistance fighters who were in contact with Harry Spiegel. The film is the portrait of a generation of resistance fighters who survived the fight against the regimes of Franco, the Austro-fascists Dollfuss / Schuschnigg and Hitler.

Trailer (1.24″)